Vendor Line Up – June 8, 2013

Due to Tropical Storm Andrea we will not have shrimp at the market this Saturday morning or next Tuesday night. The good news is the rain should be out just in time for the market on Saturday morning!

Tentative line up for Saturday:
Booth 1: Starving Artist cafe’
Booth 2; Juliana’s Floral Delights
Booth 3; Marchbank Heirloom Vegetables
Booth 4: Bo’s Garden Farm
Booth 5: Red Hills Farm
Booth 6; Great Harvest Bresd Company
Booth 7; Hunter Farms
Booth 8: vacant
Booth 9: Bubba j’s peanuts
Booth 10:Amy Boll
Booth 11: Pace Produce
Booth 12: Krafty twins and doubles
Booth 13: David’s Garden
Booth 14: Smoothie’s Spa
Booth 15: Vacant
Booth 16: Dahl’s Farm
Booth 17: Donnie Simmons
Booth 18: karen Hamilton
Booth 19:Russell Woods
Booth 20: Dennis Meadows: Honey
Booth 21: Elaine’s Confections
Booth 22: Brenda Cox
Booth 23: Beechwood Farms
Booth 24: vacant
Booth 25: vacant
Booth 26: vacant
Booth 27: JR’s Yard Effects
Booth 28: Upstate wood products; corn hole games
Booth 29: Barn Yard Goodies: dog treats
Booth 30; Daylillies, Inc. Salsas and jams

Patterson’s produce will be here with fresh cabbage and onions. And Matthew Phillips will be providing entertainment for us.


Vendor Line Up for June 1, 2013

Line up for Saturday, June 1st **Always subject to change**
Booth 1: Starving Artist Cafe’
Booth 2: Juliana’s Floral Delights
Booth 3: Marchbanks Heirloom Vegetables
Booth 4: Bo’s Garden Farm: Vegetables
Booth 5: Red Hills Farm: Plants
Booth 6: Great Harvest Bread Company
Booth 7: Hunter Farms: Strawberries
Booth 8: Shrimply Delicious: SC Shrimp
Booth 9; Bubba J’s boiled peanuts
Booth 10: Lovie’s Craft Creations
Booth 11: Amy Boll
Booth 12: Krafty Twins;
Booth 13: David’s Garden: Plants and Vegetables
Booth 14: Papa Joe’s Bowls: Wood crafts
Booth 15: An Artisit’s Palate: Baked Goods
Booth 16: Dahls Farm: Mushrooms and vegetables
Booth 17: Donnie Simmons: Hot Sauces
Booth 18: High Flying Bee Farm
Booth 19: Russell Wood: Fresh Greens
Booth 20: Sandra Bandy: Crafts
Booth 21: Elaine’s Confections: Baked goods and crafts
Booth 22: Brenda Cox: Plants
Booth 23: Beechwood Farms: Vegetables
Booth 24: Toshia Leisten: Crafts
Booth 25:
Booth 26:
Booth 27: karen Hamilton: Crafts
Booth 28: Upstate Custom Wood Products
Booth 29: Barn Yard Goodies: Dog Treats
Booth 30: Daylillies, Inc. Salsa, Jams, jellies
Booth 31: Chidy Unique: American Girl Doll Clothes


Vendor Lineup May 25, 2013

AS WE KNOW IT RIGHT NOW: this is the line up for Saturday May 25th:

Booth 1: Starving Artist Cafe
Booth 2: Juliana’s Floral Delights
Booth 3: Marchbank’s Heirloom Veg.
Booth 4: Bo’s Garden Farm
Booth 5: Red Hills Farm
Booth 6: Shrimply Delicious (that’s right folks FRESH SC Shrimp)
Booth 7: Great Harvest Bread Company
Booth 8: Hunter Farms
Booth 9: Beechwood Farms
Booth 10: Tim Johnson: Boiled Peanuts
Booth 11: Lion’s Club
Booth 12: Krafty Twins and Doubles
Booth 13: David’s Garden
Booth 14: Smoothies Spa
Booth 15: Vacant (at present)
Booth 16: Dahl’s Mushroom Farm
Booth 17; Donnie Simmons (hot sauce and vegetables)
Booth 18: High Flying Bee Farm (local honey)
Booth 19: Russell Wood (vegetables)
Booth 20: Vacant (at present)
Booth 21; Elaine’s Confections
Booth 22: Crescent Moon Farms
Booth 23: Vacant (At present)
Booth 28: Upstate Custom Wood Products
Booth 29: Barnyard Goodies
Booth 30: Daylilies, inc. (salsas/jams/jellies)
This is subject to change


AgSouth Grant


Our market was awarded a $500 grant from AgSouth! The funds will help with our billboard advertising.

Thank you AgSouth for supporting local farmers markets.

The new billboard will be on Hwy 153 April 22nd 2013.


2013 Week 2 Line Up – April 13th

Line up for Saturday:

  • Booth 1: Kelly Warren: muffins, caramel popcorn, brittle, candy
  • Booth 2: Daniel & Juliana Beniot: Plants and crafts
  • Booth 3: Marchbanks Heirloom Vegetables: Plants
  • Booth 4: Bo’s Garden Farm: Plants (and maybe some veggies??)
  • Booth 5: Scott & Christina Carrick: Plants, herbs,
  • Booth 6: Mockingbird Mountain: Jams & Salsas
  • Booth 7: Brad Owen: Tomato Plants
  • Booth 8: Tiki Treats: Smoothies (Had one last week DELICIOUS!!)
  • Booth 9: Jerry’s Choose & Cut Greenhouse:Variety of Plants
  • Booth 10-12: Trenton Tropical Plants and A+ Nursery
  • Booth 13: David’s Garden: Variety of Plants and Veggies
  • Booth 14: Brad Caron: Crafts
  • Booth 15: An Artist’s Palate: Biscotti, Cupcakes, cookies
  • Booth 16: Dahl Farm: Shiitake Mushrooms & veggies
  • Booth 17: Donnie Simmons: Veggies & hot sauces
  • Booth 18: Sam’s Club
  • Booth 19: Robert Crowe; Plants
  • Booth 20: Amy Boll: Cookbooks
  • Booth 21: Elaine’s Confections: Breads, cakes, jams, crafts, muffins
  • Booth 22: Crescent Moon Farm: Goats Milk cheese, soaps, fudge, **You must taste her grape & red wine jelly with the goat cheese YUMMY!!!
  • Booth 23: Barnyard Brulee’: Creme Brulee’
  • Booth 24: Annie Queen: Extremely Hot Pepper Plants
  • Booth 25: Mike’s Trees
  • Booth 28; Mack Daddy Corn Hole Games
  • Booth 29: Barnyard Goodies: Dog Treats
  • Booth 31: Starvin Artist Cafe’: Breakfast

There maybe more you just never know who will show up on Saturday morning. Hope to see lots of people out!! 8-12 in the parking lot of City hall


2013 Opening Day Lineup – April 6th

So far this is the line up for Opening Saturday:

Booth 1: Dolores Blodgett, Lovie’s Craft Creations
Booth 2: Daniel & Juliana Beniot: plants and crafts
Booth 3: Rickie Marchbanks: Plants & vegetables.
Booth 4: Bo’s Garden Farm: Plants & vegetables.
Booth 5: Scott Carrick: Plants, etc.
Booth 6: Mockingbird Mtn: Crafts, Jams and Jellies, salsas
Booth 7: Brad Owen: Tomato plants
Booth 8: Tikki Treats: Smoothies
Booth 9: Jerry’s Choose & Cut & Greenhouse: Plants
Booth 10:11, 12: Trenton Tropical Plants
Booth 13: David’s Garden: Plants, flowers, vegetables.
Booth 14: Papa Joes Bowls: Bowls, candle holders, rolling pins, etc.
Booth 15: An Artist’s Palate: Biscotti, cupcakes, scones, etc.
Booth 16: Dahl Farm; Shiitake mushrooms, vegetables.
Booth 17: Smoothies spa USA with homemade soaps and lotions.
Booth 18: High Flying Bee Farm: Local Honey
Booth 19: Robert Crowe with plants
Booth 31: Starving Artist Cafe’
Booth 20: Rocking Horse Studio
Booth 21: Elaine’s Confections: muffins, cakes, pies, jams, etc.
Booth 23: Dennis Meadows: honey, vegetables,
Booth 24: Sam’s Club
Booth 26: JR Simmons: Picnic tables, swings, planters
Booth 28: Mack Daddy Corn Hole Games
Booth 29: Barn Yard Goodies: Homemade Dog Treats

We still have a couple of spots open.
Donnie Simmons: Hot sauces, vegetables, etc. (Note: Donnie will not be here this week with his hot sauces, he will be here next week).
Strawberries will be at the market in a couple of weeks, the cool weather slowed them down.


2013 Easley Farmers Market Rules and Regulations

DOWNLOAD 2013 Easley Farmers Market Rules and Regulations>>>

Vendor Types:  Farmer/Producer/Nursery/Plant:  Farmers are person or entities that raise produce (vegetables, fruits, nuts, and grains), herbs, flowers or nursery crops from seed or plants.  Beekeepers, egg farmers, poultry and livestock producers and fish and/or shellfish growers are considered farmers.  Farmers are eligible to join the Saturday Market at any time and we are always looking for new vendors.  Items offered for sale must be homegrown.  No buying and reselling produce. All farms will be inspected this year.

Grower:  Growers are non-professional small-scale farmers or back yard gardeners who see their product as a hobby rather than a profession may have a seasonal item, i.e. strawberries, blueberries, lettuce, etc.

Processor:  Processors are persons who offer fresh food products such as breads, candies, jams, jellies, etc.   Processors are to adhere to all S.C. Department of Agriculture and/or SCDHEC guidelines.  All food products have to be labeled with ingredients, your name, address and phone number.

 Policies for ALL vendors:

  1. The Market Manager reserves the right to prohibit anyone from selling and/or refuse any product from being sold.
  2. The Market Manager reserves the right to refuse participation to vendors who do not comply with Market regulations or do not meet Market standards which include, but are not limited to, following all local, state, and federal laws and regulations.
  3. Market staff has the authority to move and reassign vendor space  to enhance or facilitate Market operations and to limit the number  vendors selling the same specialty products.
  4. Vendors may not sell any items not approved or listed on their application. 
  5. Children must be supervised at the Market site at all times.
  6. The Easley Farmers Market is a NO SMOKING market in accordance with the City of Easley’s Smoking Ordinance, that   means sidewalks around the market by your booths. If you have to smoke please go away from the market area.
  7. The Market is not liable for any injury, theft, or damage to either the buyer or seller, or their property, arising from or pertaining to  preparation for or participation in the market.
  8. The Market does not guarantee the marketability of the vendors’ goods the success of the vendors’ efforts.
  9. The cost to rent an empty space (approximately 10×10) is $5.00.
  10. Each vendor operates as an individual entity and is responsible for setting his/her own prices. 
  11. We encourage all vendors to commit to participating for the entire season. 
  12. Vendors selling under the logo (SC Certified Grown, or SC Certified Product) must show your approval from SCDA. I encourage all of you to join the SC Certified program it is FREE.
  13. DHEC requirements must be met for sauces, jams, jellies, etc. Under the new Cottage Bill a home cook can sell Non Hazardous  baked goods at a farmers market. See attached information.
  14. Assigned, reserved spaces are available and will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis.  If you have been a regular market vendor you have first choice on your same booth from previous years.  Booths 1-8 are for vendors that will participate ALL SEASON!  Vendors with reserved spaces must give 24 hours notice to the Market Manager if you will not be attending a Saturday Market. Vendors with reserved spaces are also required to pay in advance each week for your booth. Vendors will forfeit their reserved space if they are not at the market at least 15 minutes prior to the opening time.  Non-reserved spaces will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis by the Market Staff.   

Market Dates/Time/Location:

  • Dates:         April 6 through October 5, 2013
  • Times:         8:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon
  • Location:      205 N. First St.  Parking Lot in front of City Hall

Hours of Operation:

  • 7:00 -7:45   Vendors arrive and set up at event site
  • 8:00           Market Opens
  • 12:00         Market closes

Begin packing up: Please do not bring your vehicle into the market area before 12:00 for the safety of our vendors as well as the safety of the customers. If you must leave before 12:00 please notify the employee on duty and carry your items to your vehicle unless otherwise approved by manager.

License, Permits Inspections: Vendors are responsible for their own taxes, and inspections (food, agricultural & nursery plants).

Crafters:  No commercial items, no imported items, no manufactured items, no second hand items shall be resold by crafters.

Approved crafts/art: Handmade bath products, herbal products, garden art and furniture, quilters, pottery, candles, wooden products, corn hole games, bird houses, wreaths, botanical & floral products, crafts made from agriculture materials such as goats milk, beeswax.

Artists who do paintings & sketches.

All crafters will be considered on individual basis with regards to subject matter and space available and on a first come first serve basis.

At this time we will limit the number of crafters selling crochet items, jewelry, and pocketbooks. Market Manager has the right to approve or disapprove a craft vendor.

Booth Set-Up and take down:

Vendors are encouraged to bring enough merchandise to last for the duration of the market working hours.  Be creative in decorating your booths. When you arrive to set up please unload and move your vehicle then set up your booth. That will eliminate traffic jams in the market area.

Make sure you have business cards, brochures, growing tips, recipes, samples, etc. for market-goers! Please post your prices!!   Let’s all be professional and make a good impression for lots of repeat customers.

There will be a designated area for vendors that wish to sell out of their pick-up or set up at the back of their tailgate. See market manager for this area.

Vendor Parking:

Vendor parking will be behind City Hall. Please do not park in the market area or on the street this is for customers and vendor booths.

Restrooms:  Inside City hall, down the hall, on the left.


The Market is open rain or shine.  Conditions that threaten public safety (high winds, lightning, etc.) will cause cancellation.

If the weather conditions deteriorate during the market hours, the market

manager will make a decision to close the market early. Call the market manager if you have any questions about weather conditions at 864-238-7525.

Hold Harmless Clause:

I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the City of Easley, its employees, officers, agents and/or contractors for any and all damages, losses, suits, liability, and/or causes of action resulting from property damage, and/or from personal injury, including death, of myself arising out of or in any way connected with our participation in the Easley Farmers Market.  I further permit the City of Easley to use photographs of me for the publicity of the Easley Farmers Market.

For More Information Contact:

  • Lisa Garrett, City of Easley P.O. Box 466, Easley, SC 29641
  • 864-855-7900 Ext 7200 office 8:30-5 M-F Cell: 238-7525
  • Join us on Facebook
  • Email: